Get To Know Me.....


Hi, my name is Lauren.

I have run my salon (previously known as Bronze and Beautyful) for nearly 8 years! Before then I worked full time in car hire and ran my little beauty empire from my box room - I was doing this for 5 years.

Ever since i can remember I have been obsessed with beauty! I made my mum take me on my first nail course when i was 16 as soon as i left school, whilst most of my friends were enjoying the holidays preparing for college i wanted to start my own business doing nails.


For years I did mobile around work, sat at my mums dining table and used the ironing board as a nail desk. This was always going to be something i did. I was obsessed!

As I got more into beauty i soon added more qualifications to my list and at 17 I trained in spray tanning and the name "Bronze and Beautyful" was born.


Fast forward 16 years and I have every qualification under the sun and all the experience behind me. As well as being obsessed with beauty I am also obsessed with educating myself and I’m constantly training, learning and developing my professional skills. (My mum says if only I was that keen in school I would probably be a brain surgeon now).


I pride myself on giving my clients award winning customer service, the highest standards and the best level of treatment they can get locally a positive and chatty personality and I like to make all my customers feel right at home. No one wants to walk into a salon and feel like they don’t fit! So, creating a happy and good vibe is what I’m all about!


I look forward to seeing you in the salon and giving you the best!


Love Lauren xxx


Semi Permanent Makeup





Semi Permanent Makeup