Fancy Beautyful nails? Of course you do, who doesn't?

Well you're in the right place, our highly trained staff will give you glamourous nails you can show off to the world.

Glitter, nail art or just a full colour we've got you covered. 

Fingers and toes, anything goes.

Please note we do not remove gel polish or remove/infill nail enhancements done by any other nail technician or salon other than our own.

CND Shellac

The fortnightly gel polish treatment designed to give you an ultimate high shine glossy manicure with ultra durability. Applied to your own nails it's a great treatment for those wanting to grow their own nails or add a bit of glamour. With more than 100 plus colours and endless glitters you really can take your manicure to the next level 

Basic Colour / French Manicure


Glitter or Basic Nail Art



Full Glitter or Detailed Nail Art



Fullly Hand Painted & Bespoke Nail Art



Removal & Manicure

removal is free if having Re-Shellac that was done in the salon


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CND Marine Spa Pedicure

A mixture of beautifully blended eucalyptus, beach sand and sea salt will eliminate dry skin leaving your feet super soft and looking like new. CND Shellac is also included.

Marine Spa Pedicure

75 minutes


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Nail Enhancements

Extend the length of your own nails whether it be a little or a lot, short and sweet or lusciously long. Add length or shape to your nails to give you that ultimate fashion look. Nail enhancements can be natural, French, plain or sparkly. The possibilities are endless. You can also add your favorite CND Shellac colour or glitter to any enhancements.

Builder In A Bottle

Builder in a bottle helps to strengthen the natural nail to promote growth.

On It's Own


Additional Service

Can be added to Gel Polish Service


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IBX Treatment

IBX helps to repair peeling, flaky or damaged nails. IBX is ideal for damage control and protection.

First Treatment


Top Up Treatment


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Natural Nail Extensions


French or Ombre Nail Extensions


Nail Extensions & Shellac Colour


Nail Extensions & Shellac Glitter

upto 4 nails


Nail Extensions & Full Shellac Glitter


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Nail Enhancement Maintenance

Natural Nail Extension Infill


French or Ombre Nail Extension Infill


Nail Extension Infill & Re-Shellac Colour


Nail Extension Infill & Re- Shellac Glitter

upto 4 nails


Nail Extension Infill & Re-Shellac Full Glitter


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